giving back

Monika here. When I began Favor, I was one year out of graduating from college with the intention of working in non-profits. I may have changed career paths, but is has always been important to me to give back. I want to run this business as ethically and responsibly as possible and we are committed to hiring locally, manufacturing with the least toxic materials available, and sourcing our supplies from the US and Western Europe. Favor offers charity matching for our employees every year and we work to create a culture of giving. I am so happy that we can also help support these organizations. 

Portland Homeless Family Solutions


We are donating 15% of all sales to Portland Homeless Family Solutions for the 2018 Black Friday weekend. PHFS offers shelter and support to families experiencing homelessness in Portland, Oregon. They have just built a new shelter to house families and are currently working on expanding its capacity to help even more people

fistula foundation

We are currently donating 3% of every online sale to this charity in 2018. Fistulas have largely been eradicated in the developed world but still impact women in the poorest countries. The Fistula Foundation offers cost-effective surgeries to women who suffer from obstetric fistulas in developing countries. The average surgery costs a mere $586 and completely transforms women's lives.

Raphael house of Portland

During the 2018 Valentine's Season we ran flash sales for this charity. During the 2016 Black Friday Weekend we donated 15% of all sales to Raphael House. This charity runs a women's shelter in Portland, Oregon, giving beds and support to women and children fleeing domestic violence. They also offer advocacy and education programs with the intention of ending domestic violence for good.


We donated 3% of all sales in 2017 to Oxfam. They are committed to eliminating world poverty through a variety of programs including education, disaster relief, and investing in infrastructure in developing communities. 


CASA FOR MULTNOMAH, Washington, and Columbia COUNTies

We donated 15% of all online sales to CASA for the Black Friday 2017 weekend. CASA recruits and trains volunteers to advocate for children in the foster care system. On average, children who receive the support of CASA get access to services quicker, change foster homes less, and move through the system quicker. 


Scrap is a Portland-based arts charity that inspires creative reuse of materials. We donate tools and excess jewelry materials to them so that they can offer educational programs and affordable art materials to the community.