Mini Orbital Hair Pin for Medium + Fine Hair

Mini Orbital Hair Pin for Medium + Fine Hair


A bar of metal creates tension with a circle, making a beautiful and minimal hair pin. A smaller version of our popular Orbital Hair Pin, this is perfect for medium to fine hair. This design has been recently tweaked in August 2018 to be even better for fine hair.

Each one is made to order by hand in our small, Portland, Oregon studio. We use solid jeweler's brass to create a product that will be durable and long lasting, as well as beautiful and elegant in its simplicity.

Find ideas on how to style our hair pins on the tutorials page.

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Here are some tips on using this hair pin:

  • Texture is your friend, whether from dry shampoo, teasing, or adding some curls or waves to your hair.

  • To style, I grab the top half of my hair and give it a half twist to bulk it up a bit, then put the circle on top of the twist and pin it. Here is a video of that technique with the larger Orbital Hair Pin. 

  • It also works well to do a really loose braid with the top half of your hair. That can give the pin something to grip onto. Here is an image of the braided method. 

  • And lastly, if you don't mind putting in an extra couple of minutes of work, you can always stick a couple of bobby pins into a half-up twist and then put the hair pin on top of that. 

  • With very fine hair, this pin might need to be adjusted a couple of times throughout the day unless you use some bobby pins to reinforce the style. After putting it in a couple of times, it is easy to use without a mirror.