Orbital Hair Pin for Curly & Thick Hair

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Metal: Yellow Brass

Made with recycled brass milled in the USA

Handmade for you in Portland, Oregon

You made what I've been looking for! As others have responded, I am in a messy topknot for most of my days. It also holds well. I slept in it and woke up with same messy topknot but with a bit of glam attached and hell yes 💚. Understated and regal at the same time.

Stacey M. about her Top Knot Crown Hair Pin

I was looking for ways to style my hair for work that it looked a little more put together than what I had been doing lately (hello, pony tails and plastic claw clips) and this is exactly what I needed! So simple yet elegant.

Sarah M. about her Mini Orbital Hair Pin for Wavy & Straight Hair

I love this product! It is beautiful, sturdy, and perfect for when I don't have a lot of time to get ready (i.e. everyday).

Rose S. about her Cusp Ponytail Hair Tie Cover

I've never had a hair pin before this, but it makes it so much easier to get a chic updo with this! My hair is pretty thin and slippery, so it did take me awhile to figure out how to use it, but now it's an everyday staple.

Stephanie W. on her Crescent Hair Pin

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This is a gift for my daughter. It is lovely. Package arrived quickly.

Rachael S.
Instagram Ads

I hate how many things I buy off Instagram ads but this I love!! Super easy to use and gorgeous. Even the worst observer of all time, my husband, commented on how nice my hair looked. Seems really high quality and has a timeless design. Love!

I have wanted this pin

I have wanted this pin forever..had it on my Christmas and birthday wishlist for a year or so (we do wishlists in my family...I’m not just that person demanding things) and this past Christmas was gifted it by my dad of all people. You’d think having wanted it for so long it might disappoint....but no. It has lived up to my very high expectations. Such a beautiful and classy piece.

I have very (VERY) thick somewhat wavy hair so it has never given me any problems.

I am not much of a jewelry person, so this feels like a nice way to wear some jewelry....not bothering me..keeping my hair out of my face and adding something special in the mix.

Can we talk about this

Can we talk about this thing for a minute? I have very curly but fine hair and have been looking for something to get.it.out.of.my.face. but also not give me a headache. This is the TICKET. Plus it's super cute and I've gotten a million compliments. Goodbye bobby pins; it's you, not me.

Sarah M.
I own this as well

I own this as well as the mini and love the looks I can do with both! I'm trying to re-vamp my style and invest more money into better looking and better made pieces and this checks those boxes. It is so unique yet practical and really elevates and makes my look more polished.